Let us cook for you!

and Learn together

We like to say, WE CHANGE LIVES.. We offer cooking education, more on the topic of getting everyone back in the kitchen. Understanding the importances of cooking again and cooking healthier. All in the comfort of your own home with family or friends.  


Here is what you can expect when you book a healthy nutrition dinner presentations with Cooking4fitness 

  • You will get at least a healthy four course meal free of charge.

  • You will not have to cook or clean.

  • You will learn a lot about how you can cook faster, healthier, cheaper and free from toxins.

  • You will learn how you can earn  free gifts, as part of our hosting program .

  • The dinner presentation will take from 1 1/2 to 2 hours.

  • There are no gimmicks or obligations.

Here's what you need to decide:

  •  Host a Dinner presentation?  For you and your family or invite two couples over.  It's totally up to you! We love a crowd. This complimentary presentation can be done via Zoom virtual or In person .. 

  • Let us to Host the Dinner?  Meaning , You bring your family or up to Four friends plus yourselves to our studio kitchen. 

  •  Cook for your friends?  If we've already cooked for you and already a saladmaster owner, then let us cook for your friends . We never stop sharing the love for cooking.   

  • Join Our Open Kitchen Nights- Join us at our lovely downtown studio in the heart of Fayetteville for a night of learning with others. Watch our team cook live and learn more about cooking with health.  Click here for dates and details 

Prefer to Host your very own presentation? Simply fill out the form below answering a few simple questions and we'll have one of our qualified consultants, amaze you with our cooking skills.  Okay, but please know we might burn the healthy cake but we will still wow you with our skills

Thanks! We will be in contact soon.